Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the first day of Fall 2014 with a few new friends at the yoga studio. Mindfulness and Gratitude towards ourselves for what we had accomplished over the spring and summer (the yang time of year) was our theme.

We created nourishing space by building a small alter in the middle of the room. Buddha, Shiva and candles to represent the New Moon and our bright light within were delicately placed in this sacred space. Celebration of the changing of seasons opened with a very powerful Tapping Therapy session. I (personally) feel so blessed that Jackie McDonald of Welwinds Therapeutic Spa, guided us through this sweet practice. I immediately felt the effects. Together we pushed through 108 various Namaskars or Salutations. Through collective flow we honored our breath – our life force energy, the sun, the warrior within, and the moon. As I set my own intention for this practice I noticed I needed to really let go of any and all expectations of what the word ‘accomplishment’ means. I had to dig deep within and explore accomplishments within my own SELF. And not what or how others might define is an accomplishment. Sometimes personal accomplishments are more subtle than one might expect. Though when you take the time to sit with your breath, meditate and maybe, just maybe, move through 108 salutations for 3 hours, these subtle accomplishments become polished and bright. They have the opportunity to shine, almost to say , “Hey Allie, Look At Me! Notice Me! This is what YOU accomplished….’

Practicing 108 namaskars was a wonderful way to honor the changing of seasons. The practice offered great challenge and the opportunity to turn within. I am deeply grateful to have friends to practice with and at one point we journeyed outside to let the raindrops cleanse our heated bodies. It was awesome!

A special THANK YOU to Welwinds Spa for hosting delicious White Rose tea afterwards…! YUM!