kids CobraGood Morning,

Its another beautiful fall day here in Revelstoke. It looks as though we are experiencing an Indian Summer. Yesterday, was the first day of our ¬†fall OM ZONE! Kids yoga program held at Welwinds Therapeutic Spa. I was absolutely blown away… The amount of love, generosity, and kindness that I felt from the kids was extraordinary. Not only did they all show up excited to get started, but they listened with full intent, and were kind and gracious towards one another.

Teaching kids yoga is definitely a unique journey and experience. It teaches me so many things, but I think the biggest lesson is learning to read ‘energy’. When the kids start to lose interest I can not only see it but I can feel the energy shift in the room like a ton of bricks has landed on my yogi toes. Learning to ‘mix it up’ and move in an alternate direction, gracefully, naturally and quickly is an art form. Kids are very smart and they can tell when you are being anything less than genuine and authentic.

It was fascinating to see one kid sit in lotus with hands in chin mudra… Where did she learn this ancient healing posture? The media? Her parents? Other kids at school? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t much matter where or how she learned to sit in this meditative position. What does matter is that there are opportunities out there to share the meaning and the benefits of these traditional yoga postures to mini yogis.

Today starts off our Yoga Pretzel fall series program. Ages 3-5. This is always a wild and fun ride. I love to read animal stories and then act out the story through yogic postures. Thursday begins our Teen Yoga program. This is my most favorite program though I seem to have trouble with enrollment. Feel free to pass program information on to any parents of potential students.

To learn more about each program and to enroll, please feel free to contact me with any questions or visit the Welwinds Therapeutic Spa website.