The Radiance Sutras – 112 Gateways to The Yoga of Wonder & Delight, by Lorin Roche, was chosen for book club this month. And, I am so grateful to have been turned on to this exquisite meditative piece of work. WOW! The Radiance Sutras is described as, ‘An invitation to experience directly the ecstatic depths of yoga as revealed by the diving partners Shiva and Shakti, through an intimate exploration of:

  • The divinity that is permeating your body at this very moment
  • The alchemical power of Sanskrit… YUMMM
  • Yoga meditation- harmonizing all the elements and levels of your being
  • The depths of your connection to the energies of life

This book is laid out beautifully and easy to read, providing both Sanskrit and English text. Enjoy as a meditation tool, teaching and learning platform or just as a beautiful book in which to contemplate its scriptures.

I will be posting some of my favorite verses now and again. Enjoy! OM SHANTI


When you close your eyes,
Attention turns toward the inner glow.
The heart sees by its own light,
Pulsing with subtle flame.

In your forehead is a single eye.
Here streams of living electricity
Flow together.
The body of substance
And the body of light fuse into one.
Above your head a star is shining-
The soul, luminous in its own realm.

Life arises from itself
In a swirling motion of flame.
Being becomes body.
In meditation, adore the subtle fire-
In heart, head and above.
Dissolve into radiance.