Satsang at Sol Mountain Lodge
Friday 8th – Sunday 10th September 2017

Join Triputi Yoga and Flexpeditions for this women’s wellness weekend. Combine profound mountain biking and the ancient practice of yoga while deepening your relationship with the mind body nature connection. Satsang, is a word meaning to associate with truth, to be in the company of truth – being with others seeking that association. This weekend offers the opportunity to ride some of the best flowy high alpine single-track in British Columbia while balancing your connection to Self. Enjoy good food, outdoor activity, relaxation and great company amongst outstanding women in a beautiful & comfortable mountain setting. Learn more!

$675 Women’s Fall Wellness Weekend Package includes guided activity, accommodation, shuttle, and meals



  • Opening circle and welcome, including a short-guided meditation.
  • After there will be a short guided mountain bike tour with our certified bike guides.


Morning: All-levels morning yoga

  • Morning yoga includes Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) to welcome the day and an energising practice with focus on the mind body nature connection.
  • Full OR Half-day (your choice) of guided mountain bike tour with our certified bike guides.

Afternoon: Satsang

  • Science of Yoga theme discussion – includes yoga asana, pranayama (breathing exercises) and sound meditation. The vast and great practice called yoga is so much more than meditation, pranayama asana it’s an important science for humanity in todays world. If we open ourselves up to the theory and philosophy behind the practice we have this extraordinary opportunity to develop healthy mind body patterning.


  • All-levels gentle yoga flow with sound bath.


Morning: All-levels morning yoga class

  • In preparation for a day on our bikes, morning yoga practice will focus on the Earth (Prittivhi) element and our connection to.
  • Morning guided mountain bike tour with our certified bike guides.

Gentle wind down practice and short meditation.

See video!