10710728_10152480986617917_8758829359802392116_nAcroYoga Workshop with Certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers Siovhan Williamson and Coral Crawford. December 6 & 7, 2015.

The fundamentals of AcroYoga are presented in this safe and nurturing environment. Experience the stillness of the moment, in balance with another. The challenging and confidence–building practice of Acro Yoga will connect you to your strength and inner calm in the company of likeminded individuals.

This two-day workshop will be held at the beautiful Monashee Manadala in Revelstoke, BC. The mandala is a brilliant, bright and vibrant learning and creative space set amongst the rain-forest.  IMG_0200


Saturday & Sunday Schedule…
9am – Opening Vinyasa Warm-up 45 min
10am – Session 1
12-1pm Break
1-3pm Session 2

Day 1, Begin your exploration of Acro Yoga by learning the basics and developing a strong foundation.

  • Practice Key Skills
  • Learn the Various roles – Spotter, Flyer and Base
  • Discover a Variety of Partner Yoga Body Shapes
  • Play with a Diverse Range of Poses Essential for Mastering a Strong Foundational Base.

Day 2, Take your New Acro Yoga Foundational Skills to the Next Level!

  • Explore Transitions Between Poses to get you Flowing in Sync with your Partners.
  • Work Together to Create Strength, Flexibility and Trust
  • Explore the Acro Yoga ‘Washing Machine’ – Posture moves that rotate you through a set of dynamic positions in a circular flow.
  • Move deeper into safe alignment, acrobatics, and routine design
  • Become open to the effects of safe inversion therapy while opening the heart space and lengthening the spine

Personal Investment:
$45 per day
$80 entire weekend
Herbal Tea by Clayoquot Botanicals & Healthy Treats provided!

No partner or previous experience required. 
Space is extremely limited.
Payment Options include, Cash, Cheque or Money Transfer

Please contact Alliebruni@yahoo.com with any questions. We look forward to flying with you!

Rideshare: Please contact us here, so we can connect you with a ride to the Mandala. 


Siovhan Williamson is a lover of handstands, sipping tea and adventuring to new places. Her interest in movement in its many forms began with training in competitive gymnastics, and has grown to include circus arts, yoga and acro yoga, slacklining and outdoor adventures. The processes of teaching and learning have always been passions for her, and she is continually amazed and intrigued by the seemingly endless creativity and variety in learning styles of the people she works with.

Daily, Siovhan is a gymnastics coach, acro yogi and circus artist whose journey with yoga was sparked by her teacher training on Saltspring Island in 2013. She coaches a group of athletes at Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics, teaches acro yoga with her partner Coral, and works with the Underground Circus in Vancouver. AcroYoga has helped Siovhan to explore boundaries and push limits, create and communicate with others physically and emotionally. She completed her teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal in July 2014.

Siovhan is grateful for the diversity of students she has had the opportunity to teach, and continues to find that the more she learns, the less she knows for certain.

‘Practise self observation without self judgement. When you judge yourself, you break your own heart.’ -Baba Hari Dass

Coral Crawford bio coming soon!