How we focus our attention shapes the structure of our brain. Please join us each and every Tuesday morning at Balu Yoga & Wellness for weekly meditation. This class is offered free of charge and welcomes all levels of practitioners. 7am – 7:25am.

Develop and cultivate a practice that supports positive change to the physical structure of your brain. Developing mindfulness and one-pointed concentration enables us to see the mind more clearly and stimulates the brain to grow important new connections. It takes an active effort to internalize positive experiences and heal negative ones and when you take the time to move towards whats positive, you’re actually righting a neurological imbalance. Take some time to connect with Self.

This is a 25 minute gently guided pranayama (breathing) and meditation class and a great opportunity to cultivate community. We are here to support!

Balu Yoga and Wellness
Every Tuesday