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Guided Pranayama
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Karma Yoga: Selfless Service & Self-Dedication

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Our individual practice is the root source of our ability and inspiration to teach. Practicing yoga and teaching yoga are different but interdependent. One nourishes the other. In your own practice, the mind, breath and energy moves inward, quieting the mind. In teaching, our energy moves outward, communicating the methods and spirit of yoga. The process of teaching is continually evolving, drawing from your own practice and observing your students.

One of the most important qualities of a good teacher is the desire to help others. Students feel when the teaches cares or not. A competent instructor, in addition to being informed and knowledgeable is respectful and compassionate towards all. Enthusiasm and humour add life and ease to the classroom setting.

No two people teach alike. Your style of teaching evolves out of your personality, your practice and your life experiences. Be observant and learn from your students. Be receptive to others teacher’s styles and the many ways to present the teachings. This will keep your teaching fresh and interesting. “TEACH TO LEARN” as an underlying attitude brings humility, grace and inspiration into your classes and into your life.

– Baba Hari Dass

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Adventures in Yoga

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”‘ which literally means to yoke or join. The joining or union refers to the individual consciousness with the universal Divine Consciousness or Pure Consciousness.

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