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Category: Notes from the Mat

The Science of Yoga – Theory and Philosophy for Beginners and Beyond

The Science of Yoga

May 10 – June 14

Yoga Theory & Philosophy for Beginners and Beyond

5 Week Series | Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:45 pm | May 10, May 24, May 31, June 7 & June 14
Please note there is NO class on Wednesday, May 17
$99 for Full Series | $29 per Workshop

Welcome to “A Journey into the science of Yoga – A passage into Self.” The intention of this series is to offer a glimpse into the science behind Yoga.

The vast and great practice called yoga is so much more than meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise) and asana (postures) it’s an important science for humanity in todays world. If we open ourselves up to the theory and philosophy behind the practice we have this extraordinary opportunity to break habitual patterns that stand in the way of self-development and realization of Self.

It’s important to note that all classes are guided from a genuine place of scope of practice, and study and scripture based. Resources include the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, and the works of Baba Hari Dass, Tias Little, David Frawley and from personal study at the Mount Madonna Center and Ayurveda Institute.

Week 1 – May 10
The Lay of the Land – Introduction into Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga’s Ethical and Moral Compass – the Yamas and Niyamas

This first workshop on the science of Yoga begins with an introduction into yoga and the various systems practiced today, with special focus on the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, the eight-limbed path. Explore Ashtanga Yoga and how to utilize the practice as a ‘road-map’ to guide you on your life’s journey.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga are;

  1. Yama – five self-regulating behaviors
  2. Niyama – Five personal practices that relate to our inner world
  3. Asana – A steady and comfortable meditative pose; a specific position of the body, which channels prana (vital energy), opens the chakras and removes energy blocks
  4. Pranayama – technique of breathing and breath retention which increases pranic capacity
  5. Pratyahara – sense withdrawal; first stage of concentrating the mind
  6. Dharana – practice of concentration
  7. Dhyana – one-pointedness of mind through concentration on either a form, thought or sound
  8. Samadhi – union with the object of meditation

This discussion will provide an all-encompassing introduction into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and an in-depth experiential discussion on the external limbs 1 and 2 and how we can apply these moral and ethics into our daily life on and off the mat and in our teaching practice. Class will include a grounding meditation practice, short asana practice and handouts upon registration to enhance your learning journey.

Week 2 – May 24
Ashtanga Yoga – Part 2
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Pratyahara (limbs 3-6)
Study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga’s external and internal limbs

Delving deeper into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, we’ll explore the benefits and purpose behind Asana, Pranayama and Meditation as a means to move inward -Pratyahara, allowing space for cultivating inner peace and awareness. Class will include hand mudras, breathing techniques, benefits and contraindications and two meditation practices for you to practice at home.

Week 3 – May 31
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Verses 1-4

An introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Books I – Samadhi Pada. The Yoga Sutras are texts that represent the earliest known systematic statement of the philosophical insights and practical psychology that define yoga. The Sutras (meaning thread) are full of meaning and help one to understand the very essence of yoga philosophy and practice. Special focus, discussion and study on Sutras 1-4, Book I. Learn methods to apply these practices into our daily lives and teaching practices. Class will include meditation and asana practice that weaves in the sutras that will be studied as well as handouts to support your learning journey.

Week 4 – June 7
Mala, Mantra and Sacred Sound – Meditation through Japa

Mala necklaces and bracelets are highly effective and useful tools to support your meditation practice. Mantra, the chanting of sacred words or sounds, is a central part of yogic meditation. Mantra comes from the combination of two syllables: “man,” meaning “to reflect” or “be aware,” and “tra,” meaning “tool for” or “agent of.” A mantra is a tool for reflection and the cultivation of awareness, and is used for both concentration and contemplation. Within yoga, mantras are based upon sounds that reflect the energy of our divine nature. OM is considered to be the universal, consummate mantra. Learn proper methods to hold your mala as well as three, easy to chant, mantras to explore. Malas from India will be provided and yours to keep if you wish.

Week 5 – June 14
Energetic Asana and Subtle Body Alignment

Explore the energetic body, the animating spirit with the physical body in order to enhance your asana practice. Beginning with an in-depth discussion on Prana as the tangible manifestation of the higher Self, we’ll travel to the inner landscape of your body through the lens of energy channels called nadis, the chakra system and vayu’s as means to sustain your practice from the inside out and expand inner awareness and connection to Self. Class includes subtle body energy cleansing techniques in pranayama, meditation. Handouts and common definitions will be provided upon registration to support your learning journey.

You will receive helpful information and handouts upon registration for each workshop. For those with questions regarding the topics or workshop, or who are interested in suggested and helpful (not required) reading material and videos to assist in your learning journey, please contact Anjali at

Special New Years Eve Yoga

Please join me for this special celebratory class as we welcome in 2017! This all-levels asana class will include healthy alignment principles, pranayama, meditation and a bit of chanting to welcome in the New Year. All are welcome – come early as space is limited!

Yoga India Diwali

Join me and senior teachers of the Mount Madonna Center, where the Ganges River meets the Himalayas of Northern India. Experience the county’s most joyful festival season while deepening your practice of Yoga.

Devote ten days practicing Classical Ashtanga Yoga at Sri Ram Ashram, home to over 60 children, and explore the culture of India.

  • Daily pranayama, meditation and asana classes.
  • Theme discussions connect our practice to the culture around us.
  • Afternoon outings to sites along the Ganga
  • Attend a sacred ceremony of Arati in one of the holiest cities in northern India.
  • Explore temples and nearby villages
  • Spend time with the children of Sri Ram Ashram.

INSTRUCTORS: Mount Madonna Yoga teachers and senior students of Baba Hari Dass.

Qualifies for YTT 300 elective credits.

TUITION: $1,650 includes two nights in Delhi, 10 day all inclusive stay at Sri Ram Ashram,
all travel expenses; including train and bus tours. All meals except lunches in Delhi and Rishikesh. Tuition does not include airfare and transfers to and from hotel in Delhi.

For more information and an application, please email

Global Prayer for Peace

We are participating in a 24 Hour World Wide Japa Yajna of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra being chanted this Saturday, November 14th. Revelstoke’s time slot is set for 8am – 9am this Saturday. We are global…

If you are not familiar with this beautiful Japa (or continuous) mantra it is dedicated primarily to World Peace and to Peace, support and comprehension for all refugees all around the world. As well as for those in need of healing, including ourselves and those around us.

Japa is often referred to as sound meditation and is a method of harnessing thought waves through the repetition of a chant.

Please join us from 8am – 9am this Saturday for this special Yajna (or sacrificial offering for the good of the whole). Feel free to arrive anytime, come for all or just for some.

To learn more about this world wide Yagna please visit,

Prayer sheets will be provided. Please pass this along to anyone you feel might be interested.

Wishing you peace.

Finding Balance

Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the first day of Fall 2014 with a few new friends at the yoga studio. Mindfulness and Gratitude towards ourselves for what we had accomplished over the spring and summer (the yang time of year) was our theme.

We created nourishing space by building a small alter in the middle of the room. Buddha, Shiva and candles to represent the New Moon and our bright light within were delicately placed in this sacred space. Celebration of the changing of seasons opened with a very powerful Tapping Therapy session. I (personally) feel so blessed that Jackie McDonald of Welwinds Therapeutic Spa, guided us through this sweet practice. I immediately felt the effects. Together we pushed through 108 various Namaskars or Salutations. Through collective flow we honored our breath – our life force energy, the sun, the warrior within, and the moon. As I set my own intention for this practice I noticed I needed to really let go of any and all expectations of what the word ‘accomplishment’ means. I had to dig deep within and explore accomplishments within my own SELF. And not what or how others might define is an accomplishment. Sometimes personal accomplishments are more subtle than one might expect. Though when you take the time to sit with your breath, meditate and maybe, just maybe, move through 108 salutations for 3 hours, these subtle accomplishments become polished and bright. They have the opportunity to shine, almost to say , “Hey Allie, Look At Me! Notice Me! This is what YOU accomplished….’

Practicing 108 namaskars was a wonderful way to honor the changing of seasons. The practice offered great challenge and the opportunity to turn within. I am deeply grateful to have friends to practice with and at one point we journeyed outside to let the raindrops cleanse our heated bodies. It was awesome!

A special THANK YOU to Welwinds Spa for hosting delicious White Rose tea afterwards…! YUM!


Mini Yogis Fall Into Yoga

kids CobraGood Morning,

Its another beautiful fall day here in Revelstoke. It looks as though we are experiencing an Indian Summer. Yesterday, was the first day of our  fall OM ZONE! Kids yoga program held at Welwinds Therapeutic Spa. I was absolutely blown away… The amount of love, generosity, and kindness that I felt from the kids was extraordinary. Not only did they all show up excited to get started, but they listened with full intent, and were kind and gracious towards one another.

Teaching kids yoga is definitely a unique journey and experience. It teaches me so many things, but I think the biggest lesson is learning to read ‘energy’. When the kids start to lose interest I can not only see it but I can feel the energy shift in the room like a ton of bricks has landed on my yogi toes. Learning to ‘mix it up’ and move in an alternate direction, gracefully, naturally and quickly is an art form. Kids are very smart and they can tell when you are being anything less than genuine and authentic.

It was fascinating to see one kid sit in lotus with hands in chin mudra… Where did she learn this ancient healing posture? The media? Her parents? Other kids at school? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t much matter where or how she learned to sit in this meditative position. What does matter is that there are opportunities out there to share the meaning and the benefits of these traditional yoga postures to mini yogis.

Today starts off our Yoga Pretzel fall series program. Ages 3-5. This is always a wild and fun ride. I love to read animal stories and then act out the story through yogic postures. Thursday begins our Teen Yoga program. This is my most favorite program though I seem to have trouble with enrollment. Feel free to pass program information on to any parents of potential students.

To learn more about each program and to enroll, please feel free to contact me with any questions or visit the Welwinds Therapeutic Spa website.

OM ZONE – Fall Kids Yoga

In collaboration with Welwinds Therapeutic Spa in Revelstoke, BC – we are proud to offer the OM ZONE – Kids Yoga!

Pre-registration is required and there is a class minimum of 7 children to run each program. We look forward to seeing you and your little yogi at Welwinds Therapeutic Spa!

Please feel free to contact Allie at 250.814.8953 for detailed program information.


kidsyogafall copyA

Workshops and Retreats Announced Soon!

As the sun begins to rise earlier each day and warmth touches our skin, its exciting to feel the nectar of new creativity and ideas flowing. Please check our site often as we release details regarding the following spring and summer yoga and outdoor retreats!


  • Toddler Yoga, Ages 3-5
  • Revelstoke Mini Yogi’s, Ages 5-8
  • Ash-TEEN-ga Yoga, Ages 13-16

Details to be announced soon!

Triputi Yoga hosts an intimate weekend long retreat in beautiful Revelstoke, BC. Details for the Pedal and Pose weekend long Yoga and Mountain Bike retreat will be posted shortly. Please check back often.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our upcoming offerings.




Mantra Student/Teacher Invocation

A beautiful mantra to chant before class.

OM saha nabhavatu

saha nau bhunaktu

saha viryam karava-vahai


ma vidvisha-vahai

OM shanti shanti shanti

May God Protect us, the preceptor and the student
May we be nourised.
May we work together with great energy.
May our studies be vigorous and fruitful.
May love and harmony dwell amongst us.
OM. peace, peace, peace.