Grace and I

“Teach To Learn” Baba Hari Dass

I was born and raised in Sonoma, California. Traveling the country with my parents and our (many) dogs, spending time in nature and hours and hours at gymnastics training facilities throughout Northern California and Los Angeles. I had a strong desire to spread my wings and dance throughout life. I feel most at ‘home’ when I am moving to the rhythm of my own breath and frequency of sound. And through the years, I’ve found that Yoga provides a beautiful vessel and perfect opportunity to organically blend these qualities of  body, breath and mind while moving throughout space and time.

I was introduced to yoga as a young child, and looking back, I believe my teaching path was always within me just waiting to come out. I have been practicing for nearly 20 years though recently my practice has evolved, developed and become a part of my life on a much deeper and spiritual level, both on and off the mat.

My approach to yoga derives from a genuine development through my own personal practice. My classes offer a platform to learn a strong asana foundation, healthy alignment principles, and the opportunity to explore  SELF though movement, vibration and breath. You can nearly always expect fun music with an occasional spontaneous dance party, along with a genuine and authentic practice.

I am 500 hour certified in Classical Ashtanga and Hatha yoga systems from the well-respected Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in British Columbia and the Mount Madonna Institute in Santa Cruz, California.

In gratitude and I look forward to seeing you on your mat!