We are participating in a 24 Hour World Wide Japa Yajna of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra being chanted this Saturday, November 14th. Revelstoke’s time slot is set for 8am – 9am this Saturday. We are global…

If you are not familiar with this beautiful Japa (or continuous) mantra it is dedicated primarily to World Peace and to Peace, support and comprehension for all refugees all around the world. As well as for those in need of healing, including ourselves and those around us.

Japa is often referred to as sound meditation and is a method of harnessing thought waves through the repetition of a chant.

Please join us from 8am – 9am this Saturday for this special Yajna (or sacrificial offering for the good of the whole). Feel free to arrive anytime, come for all or just for some.

To learn more about this world wide Yagna please visit, http://mahamrityunjaya.altervista.org

Prayer sheets will be provided. Please pass this along to anyone you feel might be interested.

Wishing you peace.